With an annual turnover exeeding 100 million Euro Tov Hazel ranks among the biggest buyers of the Netherlands. Due to our high volumes we are able to offer competitive pricing.

Private clients

Customers can visit us every day without prior appointment for a direct taxation on their gold jewelry. We weigh the material in your presence, analyze it and buy it from you at current market prices. Our bid prices are automatically updated two times a day and can be found on on our website.

The price listed per gram is paid to you without any further deduction.

When selling your jewelry to us, a valid form of identification is required. You can receive the invoice total in cash or by bank wire.

Commercial clients

Proffesional suppliers can sell all precious metal containing materials in bulk to us.

Depending on the quantity and specifications of the material we will work out a very competitive offer for you. 

We are well funded and organised and can process almost all materials within 24 hours after receipt. Please contact us for more information.