How can I buy gold and silver bullion at Tov Hazel?

Direct at our treasury desk, by telephone, or at our webshop.

Why should I buy gold?

Buying gold is a way to protect your assets against money devaluation. With gold you own a tangible product that always has a certain intrinsic value.

What are the advantages of buying gold and silver at Tov Hazel?

We offer unbeatable prices, our products are readily available thanks to our wide assortment, and you are assured of discretion and personalized service.

How will my order be shipped?

The default shipping method is UPS.

Will the precious metals be sent with insurance?

Yes, all our packages are sent registered and insured.

Will Tov Hazel ship orders outside the Netherlands?

Yes, we ship worldwide.



Can I also sell gold and silver bullion to Tov Hazel?

Yes, that is possible at our purchase desk in Rotterdam.

Which bars and coins can I sell?

Here you can see a list of the most common bullion pieces.



What are the benefits of selling scrap gold and silver to Tov Hazel?

You can come at our office without an appointment, your scrap gold and silver is immediately analyzed and cash payment is possible.

Are there any costs associated with a valuation?

The taxation of gold or silver is always free.

Can I also send scrap gold or silver to Tov Hazel?

No, you can not send scrap gold or silver to us. The analysis of your gold or silver is handled quickly. In the meantime, you can wait comfortably in our waiting room.



How can I get personal advice?

We are happy to talk yo you about buying or selling bullion. You will be extensively informed by one of our traders at our office.

We will inform you about the different procedures, and what products may fit within your budget. Furthermore, we inform you about the current market situation.

Please contact us by phone at +31 (0)10 - 215 00 09. You can also send an email to

How can I submit a complaint about Tov Hazel?

Do you have any comments about our actions?

We shall take care of your problem and offer you an appropriate solution.

If you have any complaint, please contact our customer service at +31 (0)10 - 215 00 09, or send an email to