'Bullion Depository in the former Hollansche Bank Unie Vaults'

Tov Hazel offers depository service for banks, investment funds and other financial institutions from all over the world.

The security of your metals is our highest priority. Everything is 100% insured against loss, damage, theft and other calamities.

We keep all storage in-house and don’t contract anything out to third parties. We store your belongings in our own highly secured vaults in segregated compartments. Assets are always fully allocated and suffer no counterparty risk.

Since we are a privately owned facility we are not subject to the same limitations imposed on banking institutions.

You can inspect your goods personally on location. You can also request for an real time audit set up through a secure Internet connection.

Physical Delivery

Because your assets are fully segregated you can contact our customer service to take physical delivery at any given time. You can collect or we can further assist you with all logistics.