We only sell bullion products which are produced by accredited refineries and mints. These products can be traded without any further assay or requirments all around the world.

Clients can choose between ‘Brand New’ products and ‘Best Value’ products.

Brand New products are guaranteed to be in original seal and delivered as new to us directly by the producer.

Best Value products have been in circulation before and are therefor not new. The quality of circulated products is in no manner less then the Brand New once, except for the fact that they might carry some small signs of wear. We sell them at a smaller premium then Brand New ones and they make ofton a good deal for the more experienced bullion investor.



Our bid and ask prices are directly connected to the international precious metal indices. We use a 5 minute interval for updating our website prices.

When placing a bid or ask order wit hus the price is immediately locked and both parties can no longer cancel the deal.

Our advanced trading software enables us to react to market movements in an extremely fast fashion and hence offer you the most competitive prices.


Buy Back

We guarantee to buy back your precious metals which have been bought from us is the past. We offer the current prices as shown on our website.

Next to that you can sell all the precious metals which have been sold to you by other dealer as well.