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Purchase and sell precious metals

Convenient and safe

We buy and sell physical precious metals. In doing so, we guarantee maximum value and do so on the basis of the most current gold rate. For many of our clients, Tov Hazel is their primary partner for the trade in or processing of precious metals.

In the industry, Tov Hazel is regarded as a reliable partner that companies maintain long-term relationships with.

The foundation underlying this relationship is our corporate culture in which, besides performance and innovation, great importance is attached to mutual trust and respect. Based on these principles, it makes sense that we work exclusively with products of the highest quality.

The bars of gold and silver we deliver originate exclusively from suppliers with global accreditation. This accreditation is granted by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

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Where will be the ceiling for gold?


The gold price has been steadily rising in recent months. Supported by a number of factors such as Brexit, the trade war, geopolitical tensions and a possible global recession. As a result, from October last year the gold price started a substantial increase of € 33,000 to € 45,000 per kilo this week. This meant […]

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Secure Storage

The most secure and transparent way of managing investments in physical bullion.

In the former Hollandsche Bank Unie vaults, Tov Hazel offers professional bullion storage services for both private customers, traders and institutional investors.

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