Pickup and Delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is my order shipped?
Your order will be shipped by means of a transport service from Mikropakket / UPS / TNT.
Is my delivery insured?
Yes, during your transport your order is insured by Tov Hazel.
Do you also deliver abroad?
Tov Hazel will request a quote from one of the transport companies and ask for an assessment whether it is justified to take care of the transport to the destination.
Can I pick up my order?
Depending on availability, you will receive notification after receiving your order that it has been received and that you can make an appointment for collection.
Can I store my order at your location?
Yes, that is possible, for this we have Tov Hazel Opslag N.V. for the higher values and Safedeposit Nederland B.V. for safe-deposit boxes insured up to € 50,000.