Secure Storage of Precious Metals

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an account for Secure storage?
You can use the form “Customer acceptance Tov Hazel Storage N.V.” fill in and schedule an appointment for contact.
What can I store at your location?
From € 100,000 we advise you to store your precious metal with us in secure storage at Tov Hazel Storage N.V., send an email for information to
Is there a minimum amount needed?
No, there is no minimum amount.
How safe are the vaults?
The safe facility has security IV as certification and has recently undergone a complete upgrade.
Can I store VAT-free?
You can store “white” precious metals such as silver, platinum and palladium in a bonded warehouse through Tov Hazel Storage N.V. As a result, no VAT is calculated. When you decide to have this silver actually delivered, this payment will still take place on the basis of the purchase invoice.
Are my stored precious metals insured?
Yes, the goods stored in the vaults and warehouse are insured.
Do independent audits take place?
Various audits take place during the year by an external auditor.
What happens in case of bankruptcy?
In that case the customer remains the owner of the goods. After all, a custody agreement has been signed between the customer and Tov Hazel Storage N.V., as a result of which inventories in the depots fall outside the estate.