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Ron Schouten is author of the Tov Hazel Market Comments. His many years of experience in the precious metal market provide analyses that are spot-on.

Where will be the ceiling for gold?


The gold price has been steadily rising in recent months. Supported by a number of factors such as Brexit, the trade war, geopolitical tensions and a possible global recession. As a result, from October last year the gold price started a substantial increase of € 33,000 to € 45,000 per kilo this week. This meant […]

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Struggle for gold


Gold didn’t sustain its recent move above usd 1,200 per ozs as investors looked towards the improving technical picture for gold in a quiet period for news. A break above usd 1,200 was followed by gold peaking at usd 1,214 an ounce a few days later. This is despite ‘headwinds’ of optimistic economic data (usually […]

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The World Gold Council has recently posted its analysis of the continued relevance of gold. As one might expect from the source, the WGC finds that gold is a strategic asset that can play several valuable roles in a portfolio. Toward this end, the paper offers a chart of gold’s returns over three distinct time […]

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