Safe-Deposit Box Rental

One of the best secured vaults in the Netherlands

For all your valuable belongings

Our vault facility has been built in the traditional way, and has been adapted to the current security requirements.

Whether you want to save on your valuables-insurance or want to feel safe and secure about your valuables, Safe Deposit is ready for you.

The security of the Safe Deposit vault has one of the highest levels in the Netherlands. The vault used to be owned by the HBU bank, which had the vaults built for the storage of its gold reserves and to secure the personal belongings of its customers.

Need more information?

The answers to the most common questions are included in our help centre. You can always call or email us for more information. Our office is open on working days between 10 am and 5 pm Dutch time.


Rent a Safe-Deposit box?

In the Safe Deposit vaults, lockers of different sizes can be rented. On the Safe Deposit website you will find an overview of all different types of lockers.

Safe-Deposit boxes

The advantages of Safe Deposit

The cheapest provider of Safe-Deposit boxes

Underground bank vault in the centre of Rotterdam

Borg 4 certified alarm system

Standard insured up to € 50,000, expandable to € 250,000

Privacy of safe content guaranteed

Fire and water resistant

Ram and robbery proof

Tov Hazel - Kluis huren bij Safe Deposit

Your privacy is paramount

The contents of your safe are private. Safe Deposit does not know what you keep in your safe.

If you wish to access your safe, you will be accompanied by an employee who will let you into the vault. You can then work in a secluded inspection room in peace with the contents of your safe.

Safe Deposit adheres to the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act and does not provide information to third parties.