Secure Storage

Secure storage in our unique bullion depository

The most secure and transparent way of managing your investment in physical bullion

In the former "Hollandsche Bank Unie" vaults, we offer bullion storage services for private customers, business users and institutional investors. All metals are 100% allocated and registered to the owner’s name. The bullion storage in Rotterdam is managed completely by Tov Hazel.

The premium quality of the vaults (in accordance with the strictest European safety standards) with segregated compartments and high-quality internal security provides for a unique secure location, especially for the investors market in the Netherlands. Moreover, our depository has a direct connection to the incident control room of Rotterdam Police Headquarters situated only a few dozen metres away from the vault’s location.

For the storage of bullion, Tov Hazel has been granted a license by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

The vaults for the storage of VAT-free bullion are managed by Loomis International in Zürich (CH). To this end, Tov Hazel Storage maintains a special relationship with Loomis. With this highly secure storage facility as a basis, professional traders and investors can anticipate the dynamics of the international precious metals market in the best possible way.

For storage exceeding €250,000, we advise you to contact one of our consultants directly. Under € 50,000 we recommend a safe-deposit box.


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Tov Hazel strives to exceed expectations in the services it provides. We do so by offering fitting solutions and adding value. Industry-wide, the team at Tov Hazel is regarded as a reliable business partner and preferred supplier.

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Advantages of Tov Hazel Storage

Transparent business operations.

Service title

The client will always remain the owner of the bullion deposited into storage.

Fully insured storage in the client's name.

Ability to inspect the bullion deposited into storage.

Very competitive storage rates.

Tov Hazel Storage NV guarantees the buy-back of the bullion, but bullion can be delivered physically as well.

Benefit from VAT-free silver, platinum and palladium with storage in VAT warehouses (Zürich - Switzerland).

Periodic overviews of your stored precious metals.

Periodic audit by independent auditor.

The Gold Savings Plan

Saving gold is a practical and flexible way of spreading the risk of cash savings and securities investments. While the precious metal does not offer any interest or dividend, it does offer protection from currency depreciation.

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Secure Storage rates

Purchase and sales costs

You can enter transactions online via our purchase and sale page. For transactions with a value in excess of € 50,000, please contact us for a personal quote.


Precious metal Storage rate *
Gold 0,75 %
Silver 1,25 %
Platinum 0,75 %
Palladium 0,75 %

Secure storage above € 250,000 : rates on request.

* Tov Hazel Opslag N.V. is required to charge 21% VAT on the storage rate.

Other costs

Service Cost
Start costs € 0,-
Storage costs of own precious metal € 150,- excl. vat
Removal costs of own precious metal € 150,- excl. vat
Shipping/pickup € 35,- excl. vat

Storage and removal costs are charged for every storage and removal of your precious metal.

Storage and removal costs

Precious metal purchased from us is stored in the depot at no cost. You can have metal delivered from our vault at any time. We charge no costs for picking it up at our counter. At your request, we provide value transport to a location you specify. Contact us for a suitable quote.

If you want to place your own metal in our vault or want to remove it, we charge € 150,-.

Inspection costs

You are entitled to a one-off annual inspection of your deposited metal in our safe. For every subsequent inspection we charge € 150,-.