Golden Ducat

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Sell:  141,54

The gold ducat weighs 3,49 grams and contains 98.3% pure gold.

The gold ducat was used in Europe as a trading currency and was manufactured in different countries. The first ducat was produced in Venice around 1284. The Netherlands followed in 1586.

Because we are not able to order gold ducats, our stock of ducats depends on the coins we get offered at our counter.

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Price Information

Intrinsic Value: 148,99
Our Purchase Premium: -5,0 %
Our Purchase Price: 141,54
Our Sales Premium: 3,0 %
Our Sales Price:  153,46
Spread Percentage: 8,0 %
Spread: € 11,92

Extra Information

SKU: GM0349
Total Weight: 3.49 g
VAT: 0 %
Delivery Time: Undeliverable
Purity: 983/1000
Manufacturer: Royal Dutch Mint