1 oz Golden Krugerrand

Buy:  1.394,58
Sell:  1.330,43

The golden Krugerrand weighs 33,93 grams and contains 91.67% pure gold. It is the oldest investment coin with a gold content of exactly one troy ounce.

The gold Krugerrand coin was first produced in 1967 and is still in production at the South African Rand Refinery.

We are an exchange office and we buy gold Krugerrands at our office. Therefore, it can occur that we deliver coins from different years.

The Krugerrand coins we sell are always in good condition and we guarantee the quality.

Price Information

Intrinsic Value: 1.350,69
Our Purchase Premium: -1,5 %
Our Purchase Price: 1.330,43
Our Sales Premium: 3,3 %
Our Sales Price:  1.394,58
Spread Percentage: 4,8 %
Spread: € 64,16

Extra Information

SKU: GM0010
Total Weight: 33.93 g
VAT: 0 %
Delivery Time: Available from stock
Purity: 916,7/1000
Manufacturer: South African Mint