10 Dutch Guilder

Buy:  269,96
Sell:  259,37

The 10 Dutch guilders coin weighs 6,72 gram and contains 90% pure gold.

The coin is produced from 1815 to 1933 and carries on the front side an image of King William I, II, III or Queen Wilhelmina.

Because the 10 Dutch guilders coin is not being manufactured anymore, our stock depends on the coins we get offered at our office.

Price Information

Intrinsic Value: 264,66
Our Purchase Premium: -2,0 %
Our Purchase Price: 259,37
Our Sales Premium: 2,0 %
Our Sales Price:  269,96
Spread Percentage: 4,0 %
Spread: € 10,59

Extra Information

SKU: GM0672
Total Weight: 6.72 g
VAT: 0 %
Delivery Time: Available from stock
Purity: 900/1000
Manufacturer: Royal Dutch Mint