100 gram Palladium Bar

Buy:  8.498,50
Sell:  7.421,23

This 100 gram palladium bar contains 99.5% pure palladium.

The palladium bar is produced by Baird & Co, and comes with certificate and quality mark from this LPPM accredited manufacturer.

The palladium bars of Baird & Co are traded worldwide.

About VAT

Palladium bars are subject to VAT. Palladium coins are traded under the margin goods regulation, which means that you only pay tax on the provider’s profit margin.

You can also purchase palladium through Tov Hazel Storage in combination with storage in Switzerland, where the precious metal is exempt from VAT and is stored in a customs warehouse.

Price Information

Intrinsic Value: 7.979,82
Our Purchase Premium: -7,0 %
Our Purchase Price: 7.421,23
Our Sales Premium: 6,5 %
Our Sales Price:  8.498,50
Spread Percentage: 13,5 %
Spread: € 1.077,28

Extra Information

SKU: PDB0100
Total Weight: 100 g
VAT: 21 %
Delivery Time: > 2 weeks
Purity: 999,5/1000
Manufacturer: Baird & Co