1 Kilo Dutch Coin Silver

Buy:  495,39
Sell:  465,16

1 kilo pure coin silver in the form of various Dutch silver coins. The silver coins are packaged in a bag of 1390 grams. This is exactly 1000 grams pure silver.

The advantage of these coins is that they are not subject to the high tax rate, and the premium is lower then with troy ounce silver coins.

This makes them an excellent investment for those who want to buy silver as beneficial as possible to the spot price.

Price Information

Intrinsic Value: 465,16
Our Purchase Premium: 0,0 %
Our Purchase Price: 465,16
Our Sales Premium: 6,5 %
Our Sales Price:  495,39
Spread Percentage: 6,5 %
Spread: € 30,24

Extra Information

Total Weight: 1000 g
VAT: Margin
Delivery Time: Available from stock
Purity: 720/1000
Manufacturer: Royal Dutch Mint